Varied jobs in a world between trade and tourism

For anyone who wants to make a difference

We want to play a significant role in the development of trade and tourism. To do so, we need people who want help us make a difference. We are looking for outside-the-box mavericks, inquisitive minds, seasoned professionals, go-getters, knowledge seekers and matrix thinkers. Take a decisive step for your career and use your potential to take REWE Group team to the next level.

If you want to start your career with us, you can expect a range of entry level opportunities as well as comprehensive continuing education offers, individual development opportunities, flexible working hours and arrangements for occupational health care. You can depend on the REWE Group to be an understanding employer that trusts its employees, gives them plenty of freedom to experiment and promotes innovation and new ideas with flexible structures.

Those who work for REWE Group and make a big difference can also expect big things. We are certain that a wide range of offers for additional services doesn't just serve to motivate, it is simply the right thing to do. After all, our employees are the ones who make REWE Group's success possible in the first place.

REWE Group is committed to its cooperative structure and the related basic values. REWE stands for entrepreneurship, personal responsibility, proximity to the customers, high motivation and professional competence. This is equally true for the partnership model in the independent retailing business as for the store manager model in the branch store network and the Travel and Tourism division.
Decentralised company management within the framework of the issued strategic guidelines is demanded and encouraged. These guidelines merge the fundamental principles of a cooperative with the economic demands found in an international competitive environment and with a clear orientation to growth. All of our employees find their orientation in the company's guidelines; in introducing the umbrella brand REWE Group, the firm has set a clear signpost for its uniform strategic orientation in the core businesses of trading and travel and tourism.

We have established a systematic health management programme for our employees and executives with an array of offerings. This includes training events regarding healthier working set-ups, check-ups, information campaigns and cooking courses. We look to both challenge and support our staff with our Fit.Netz initiative as well as a diverse company sports programme to keep them healthy. The necessary framework and freedom to ideally combine career and family are the key components of our work-life balance philosophy. These components include:

  • Individual arrangements regarding working hours and working location
  • Contemporary parent-child offices (at the headquarters in Cologne, Germany)
  • Childcare options in the Cologne company childcare centre REWElinos
  • Parent consulting service from AWO GmbH
  • It will be your ideas, your creativity and your engagement that will make the difference at REWE Group.

In turn it is our responsibility to make a difference to you, which we will do by offering the career development opportunities which are right for you. In doing so we make sure that the focus of this development is on your individual talents, which we will uncover and enhance over the course of seminars, training courses and coaching programmes. Diversity is a key part of our corporate culture at the REWE Group. Promoting diversity is also particularly important for ensuring company success at a time of constant demographic change in society. The REWE Group personnel department aims to provide a workplace that embraces diversity and is free from discrimination for all employees. This ensures that everyone benefits from the same opportunities, regardless of background, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion or disability.

REWE Group is already active in 22 European countries outside Germany. This provides a number of opportunities - also for your personal career. Would you like to gain experience abroad and to work in another country? REWE Group makes these options possible. Have a look at our different sales lines.

We are seeking creative and flexible individuals who are willing to live and work abroad to help us implement our strategy and who like to undergo further qualification on an ongoing basis. The way towards working abroad is of course linked to certain requirements that first must be met. It is necessary, for instance, for you to be able to speak English or the national language of the country where you are to be sent!